Saturday, 23 November 2013

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Friday, 22 November 2013

The day started with the assembly programme by Rabindra Nath Tagore Group. Chaierd by Director S Selvaraj, Co-ordinator V.L Vernekar sir and Resource Person DVS Sharma and Mujib Rahman Sir.
 The Speciality of the assembly was about Yakshgana presented by Mr. Bhatt, that depicts the various character as religious, demons and Humurus form, in combination with dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up and stage techniques with a unique style in two different forms- Tenkutitu and Badagutitu.
The overall assembly programme was appreciated by participants as well as director sir with lots of blessings. After that the morning session started on topic Social sensitization- By Mr. U.P Binoy
The topic was interesting that teaches us how to motivate children towards social sensitization and what are the role plays by a teacher and by a librarian towards social sensitization. N this session various video clipping were shown on-Adolesence Social issue. For phusically challenged students and A letter from My Mom and Dad- was such a emotional that everybody eyes were full of tears.
Than after tea break the next session started on the topic Conduct Rules for Govt. Employees- by Mr. M Reddenna – was informative, covers different aspect as -Personal Code, Family Matters, Professional Code, Press-Media Relation etc. That tells us what are the rights and limitations a Government Employee possesss.
Than after lunch break the vsession was taken by Ruby Huria about Inclusive Education- that what inclusive education is. How can be implemented in present scenario and what role can be played by a teacher to make it more effective by taking everybody together making things happen by showing motivational videos in that the story of Hare and Tortoise in different context fits in present global world.
After that the last session was taken by Mr. V. L vernekar on Sample Annual Library Activity Plan (ALAP) –i.e what are the various activities that can be conducted by a librarian throughout the year by involving maximum students through active participation apart from traditional library activities, and finally by making aware about NCF-2005.
Harivansh rai bachhan group
The day's activity began with the assembly programme by Ved Vyash Group. A poem entitled "Science…. Science…..Science.." by Mr. Shiv Kumar was the highlight of the programme. The maiden session was taken by Mr. U. P. Binoy, Faculty member, ZIET Mysore on the topic "Effective Communication Skill and Body Language". 
Mr. Binoy dealt the topic by activity and learning method. Session was very much interesting
The Second session was the "User Study" conducted at KV Mysore. Each group conducted the sample survey by distributing the questionnaires among the students.
In the post lunch session Ms. Sahaya Meri, Head Mistress faculty ZIET Mysore spoke on the topic "Life Skill Education: integrating the school library" through activity method which made the class interesting and lively.
In the last session data analysis based on user studies at KV Mysore was consolidated by the participants of all groups.
The programme ended at 5.30 P.M. and the whole day was fruit full and interesting.       

As usual morning assembly started at 9am followed by prayer. Our respected course director Shri S. Selvaraj engaged the prayer groups and briefed about that days programme.  He emphasized the importance of the day ie, National Education Day, the birth day of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad.
An interesting, video show on motivational speech given by M/s Aisha chaudhary , on inclusive education . Thanks to Mr. Mujib Rahiman our resource person .
Then Asst professor Mohamed Minhaj, SDMIMD took class on Greenstone Digital Software. He explained from the basic level of the software, What, Why and How it woks. Which was very much needed for the present K V Librarians.
During afternoon session course coordinator Mr. Varnekar and resource person Mr. Sharma and Mujib Rahiman helped the participants to equip the practical side of the GSDL software in the practical session.  Thus the day ended 5.30 evening


Thursday, 21 November 2013

As the petals of the rose flower withering out one more day out of the colourful 21days has withered away. With mixed feeling Iam recapitulating the previous day ie; 19/11/2013. The day started with the assembly by Sumithranand Panth group. The attraction of the day was the book exhibition conducted in account of national book week. The honourable director of ZIET, Mysore- Mr. S. Selvaraj inaugurated the exhibition it was a treat for the eyes and the mind of the faculty members and participants. The director inaugurated the web OPAC of ZIET Mysore and appreciated the effort of Mr.V Vernakar, course coordinator, Resource persons Mr. D V S Sarma and Mr. Mujib Rahiman. Yesterday was the last day of demo classes by the participants. With much relaxed mind set Ms. Mandakini Tripati presented a novel concept, ie; Bibliotherapy of students: its issues and practices. Followed by the presentation of  Mr. L. Nithin on 'The best practices in the K V library'. Mr. S R Ghodegeri presented the topic, 'Five laws of library science and K V libray'. It was the time for the tea break and all participants were excitedly waited for the precious moment to be captured in a click which is memorable treasure of our togetherness for 21days.

With the same enthusiasm we entered to the realm of innovative technology. Dr. C P Ramasesh, Librarian, Uty. of Mysore on "Electronic information sources, e-book and e-journals". It was a virtual travel through the famous and popular digital resources around the world. Mr. Vikas Ravath, Initiated the afternoon session with the topic 'Book review'. Dr. Uma Kulkarni conducted a lecture which is entirely away from the library science and was much essential for a teacher she gave the 'First aid Basics' on different casualties Alll the participants were equipped with awareness to face such situations in the Vidyalaya. By the presentation of Mr. Mohan Singh Yadav on 'Newspaper clippings and career guidance' we came to an end of presentation by the participants. Lecture by Mr. Mujib Rahiman resource person on 'Search strategies of Internet' was really very advanced and useful for the librarians. Mr.D V S Sarma resource person explained about reader's club and discussed the varieties of activities can be conducted to enrich the taste of reading among the blooming buds of reader's club. Mr. V. Vernakar the course coordinator threw light on condemnation of books in a systematic manner. The participants were popping with excitement when they knew about confirmation on the noustalgic journey to heaven of South India, ie; Ooty. Though the day was packed with many lectures the participants spilled out of the class room after the fruitful day.

Vedavyas group